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Maharajah Jungle Trek


The Maharajah Jungle Trek in Asia at Animal Kingdom is a walk-through nature exhibit full of Asian animals. You can see Komodo Dragons, Maylayan tapirs, bats, antelope, deer, birds, and even tigers. The trek starts at the entrance and winds back through the Asian jungle until you end of back at the entrance. It will probably take around 30 minutes to complete a full tour, depending on your walking and viewing speed. You see the animals in their natural settings, so antelope are on the plains, bats are in caves, and the tigers are near the ruins of the maharajah's palace. This is an enjoyable attraction, especially for animal lovers. You might note that it can be a long walk on hot days and once you are in the back, the only way out is to walk. There are benches along the way and plenty of shade, though, so it's usually not a problem. There are restrooms by the entrance.