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Epcot may be the most intriguing of the Walt Disney World theme parks, as it blends technology, culture, thrills, and culinary delights together in an exciting celebration of human culture and achievement.  It is impossible to fully experience Epcot in one day, and those who think it can be done in two days are likely missing some things.  For those who enjoy learning, culinary varieties, and shopping, Epcot could be a week-long destination by itself.

Guests enter Epcot into Future World.  Future World's most obvious and imposing symbol is Spaceship Earth, which appears directly in front of the entrance gates.  Future World is divided into three sections.  These are Innoventions, Future World East, and Future World West.  Innoventions is home to Spacehip Earth and the Innoventions attractions, which include character meetings, walk-through exhibits, and shopping.  Future World East is home Ellen's Energy Adventure and Epcot headliner attractions Mission: Space and Test Track.  Future World West is home to The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Imagination!, and The Land, which hosts Future World's other headiner attraction, Soarin'.

By walking straight past Spaceship Earth and through Innoventions Plaza, guests will enter the World Showcase Plaza.  This is on the Future World side of the World Showcase and is the entry point into the amazing culture and fun of the World Showcase.  Eleven nations are represented in the World Showcase.  They are, in order from east to west along the World Showcase Lagoon, Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  Each nation has a primary restaurant (in some case two) and most have counter service food also.  They all have shopping and various forms of street entertainment.  Canada, China, France, and The American Adventure have video presentations highlighting their cultures and histories.  Mexico has a boat attraction for guests. In Norway, World Showcase's most popular attraction, Frozen Ever After, takes guest on a boat ride through Arendelle and scenes familiar to fans of the movie 'Frozen'.

We can't introduce Epcot without explaining the shopping and the dining. Some, if not most, of Walt Disney World's most creative restaurants call Epcot home.  Each of the eleven nations has main restaurants that reflect the flavors, traditions, and cultures of their homelands.  Each of the nations also has multiple stores allowing guests to browse, and purchase of course, items that might otherwise only be found in other countries (we'll ignore the Internet for this).

Since Epcot is big on learning, culture, and dining, it is often the least favorite Walt Disney World theme park for those who are below the age of 10.  However, we certainly would encourage the parents of those children to make sure they take time to explore Epcot.  There is enough for the children to be content, and we suspect many of their parents will find Epcot to be their favorite.