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Blizzard Beach

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Blizzard Beach is the newer of Walt Disney World's two water parks. Many believe it is the more "thrilling" of the two, with the emphasis on the hair tingling (and swimsuit dislodging) Summit Plummet. The theme here is simple. There was a freak snowstorm in Florida. Floridians decided to build a ski resort. But then things got back to normal. So now you have ski runs and ski jumps left with nothing but water. That's Disney's story, anyway. The theme certainly makes this water park unique among major competitors.

You can enjoy Teamboat Springs, billed as the world's longest family raft ride. Or go for the 120 foot vertical plunge at Summit Plummet. If a curving speed slide is your preference, head to Slush Gusher. You can race friends and strangers on Toboggan Racers and Downhill Double Dipper. Enjoy the waves at Melt-Away Bay. The little ones will love Tike's Peak and the Ski Patrol Training Camp. And a great water park can't be great without a river, so enjoy the comfort of Cross Country Creek.

There is something for everyone at Blizzard Beach. It is a great place to spend a day soaking in the sun and splashing in the water, all away from the heavy crowds of the major theme parks.

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