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Asia is Animal Kingdom's most diverse land. It is also probably its most exciting land. Upon nearing Asia, you notice the towering presence of Mount Everest, home of Expedition Everest. This is perhaps the most unique roller coaster in Florida. But that's not all there is in Asia. You can ride the river rapids and enjoy the incredible scenery on Kali River Rapids. You can view exotic animals in their natural habitats, including Bengal tigers, on the Maharajah Jungle Trek. You can see a wonderful show about the natural behaviors of exotic birds at Flights of Wonder.  And one of Walt Disney World’s most unique performances is the beautiful Rivers of Light nightly show, in Asia along the Discovery River.

There are a handful of shops to find all kinds of Asian merchandise, along with jungle trek supplies and general Disney souvenirs. There are kiosks and snack stands along the promenade. And you can have a delightful meal at Yak and Yeti Restaurant. Asia is set up as a culturally mixed village, called Anandapur. It is located to the right and behind Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom. In pure distance of walking paths, Asia is the largest land at Animal Kingdom. Enjoy the culture, the diversity, and the thrills.