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Disney's Animal Kingdom


Welcome to Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World's newest theme park, opened in 1998.  Animal Kingdom is a different kind of theme park from the other three Walt Disney World parks, and from anything else.

Centered around the imposing Tree of Life and the Discovery River, Animal Kingdom is a diverse wonderland of exploration, thrills, and most importantly, animals. You can experience a very realistic African safari at Kilimanjaro Safaris or go on an amazing adventure to the top of Mount Everest at Expedition Everest. Animal Kingdom is home to two of Walt Disney World's best theatrical performances, Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo-The Musical. There are walk through zoologicial exhibits, where you can see tigers, hippos, birds, and much, much more.  

Animal Kingdom is divided into six "lands." They are Africa, Asia, DinoLand U.S.A., Discovery Island, the Oasis, and opening on May 27, 2017, Avatar's Pandora-The World of Avatar. You enter through the Oasis. The Tree of Life on Discovery Island is essentially in the middle of the park and serves as notice as to where you are from all points in the park. From Discovery Island you can access the other lands. Safari is the theme throughout the park, and you will enjoy seeing your favorite characters dressed to explore.

We believe Animal Kingdom presents of world of excitement and wonder.