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Thank you for your interest in advertising on our online guides.  Below is information for our advertising that you should find useful.

-   All private ads on our site are rectangular in shape, with dimensions of 600 by 92 pixels.
-   We ask that you send to us ads in that shape (roughly 6 to 1 width to height.  We will resize the ad as needed to fit within our parameters.

-   Our ads are priced based on the page listing the ad and the location of the ad on the page.  Top ads are priced higher than bottom ads.
-   Prices are based on the number of unique visitors to each page, both current and projected numbers.
-   Longer contracts (6, 9, and 12 months) have a percentage reduction in price (5, 10, and 15% respectively).
-   All ad placements are subject to a 3 month minimum contract.  
-   All ad placements are subject to a $100 per month minimum contract.  While many ad spaces are less than $100 per month, we require all advertisers to spend at least $100 per month.
-   Advertising clients may place as many ads as they would like subject to availability and our maximum limit of expenditure per client, which is shown with our specific pricing information.

-   Ads that are related to the content of the specific guide are ideal.  However, we are open to many other types of ads and probably some we haven't considered.  There are millions of great ideas out there and we'll be happy to consider what advertisers want.
-   Any ads on our guides are subject to our underwriting standards.  All ads must be 1. legal within the United States, 2. appropriate to be seen by children, and 3. not inconsistent with the content of the site.  In other words, don't ask us to run an ad tearing down the subject of the guide.  We are independent, but that will not be allowed.

-   Our preferred method of contact is email (we are an Internet-based company, after all).  Our primary email address for advertising is .....   By contacting us this way, we can send you the pricing attachments, which are in PDF format.  We do require substantial, able-to-be-documented business information if your email address is not a business address (i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc...)